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We know this is a worrying time for all of us for many reasons, particularly those of you who have your weddings coming up. We want you all to know we are 100% committed to delivering the wedding flowers you have booked with us; each wedding will be considered on a case by case basis alongside government guidance which unfortunately appears to be changing daily.

We take health & safety very seriously and therefore in the unfortunate event that we had to self isolate around the time of your wedding we would attempt to arrange an alternative wedding florist from our local community to undertake your flowers in accordance with our guidance. This would be very much dependent upon the availability of flowers & a florist who has capacity. We are closely monitoring the wholesale flower market, the Dutch flower market continues to be active and orders are still being fulfilled at this point in time. We will continue to keep you updated if this situation changes.

Consultations can now take place by phone/Skype supporting the advice re social distancing.

Please keep in touch with your venue & keep updated re Government advice as you are aware the situation is rapidly changing. Please keep in touch with us regarding your wedding, if your Venue is happy and unless Government advice changes we will continue to the best of our ability with the design, order and delivery of your flowers.

In the unfortunate event you need to postpone your wedding we will do our very best to facilitate another date (please refer to below guidance regarding postponement):

i. Wedding postponed with over 10 days notice, will not incur any additional costs. We will happily arrange your flowers for your future date at no additional charge

ii.Wedding postponed with less than 10 days notice. At this point we have made a commitment to order flowers, these can often not be cancelled with wholesalers at this point. W e would work with you to minimise the costs incurred for your new date, the last thing we would want to do is cause any more distruption/distress.

iii. If you cancel your wedding with no new date, charges would apply please refer our terms and conditions with regards to cancellation (see website).

We understand how stressful things must be, certain things are beyond our control. However we will do our very best to support you to find a solution at this difficult time.

Take care, stay safe and keep in touch

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